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Isabella Cullen

<b>Characters Involved:</b> Isabella Cullen
<b>Activity:</b> Playing in the yard.
<b>Open?:</b> (open)
<b>When:</b> Dusk
<b>Where:</b> Cullens Back yard.

Bella sat quietly watching the dimming light glisten off the small river that passed through the property. It was fasinating, she just couldn't get over how beautiful it was. The water flowing over the rocks breaking them down to smooth little pebbles over time. The way it changed the swiftness of it's flow and how no matter what it always changed, even if it was the smallest of ways. She wished, she could change, she wished her face would age only a little. She wouldn't even complain if all her hair fell out and she gained wrinkles. A heavy sigh pressed past her plumb pink lips and flooded into the air. Her mind thought to much, far to much for the normal vampire. She closed her eyes for only a moment as if to reset her thinking and then opened them again. Not to her surprise but when she reopened her eyes it was dark, so she must have kept her eyes closed for longer then she thought. Time passed her by at such a speed that she could blink and things would change. She loved and hated this life. Most of all she craved human blood and she was in a position that made her deny this thirst. To try and stop her mind from thinking of such forbidden things she began to hum a sweet little tune as her eyes focused again at the changing water.

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